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Is It Time for Professional or Residential Care?

Guest blog by Max Gottlieb, content manager for Senior Planning How to Tell if it’s Time for Professional Care Maybe it’s something you’ve already talked about with your parents, but if you’re like most people, the Assisted Living conversation is one that you don’t want to have. Usually, long-term care isn’t even a thought until […]


Sleeplessness in Seniors

Combatting Sleeplessness in Seniors Seniors experience insomnia at a much higher rate than their younger counterparts. Generally, it’s not falling asleep that is the problem, but rather staying asleep. Whether it’s to use the restroom or grab a glass of water, once awake, seniors have a hard time falling back asleep. We’ve long known lack […]


Eating, Drinking & Dementia

Step 1: People with dementia sometimes lose interest in food. If possible, get your loved one involved in planning menus and preparing meals, or even just setting the table. This can help spark their interest and encourage them to eat well. Visual cues like salt, pepper and bottles of sauce on the table can prompt […]

Easy to apply 1950s Wallpaper Scene

Have You Seen our 1950s Room Scene Reminiscence Wallpaper? Hear the story about how we made it …

Have You Seen our 1950s Room Scene Reminiscence Wallpaper? by Gillian Hesketh At Happy Days, we appreciate there’s nothing better than fresh air for feeling good but when residents, patients and people living with dementia, really can’t get outside – we like to create everyday environments indoors to share and enjoy. Providing an interesting or […]