Afternoon Tea & Chat

Enriching Dementia Social Care – The Happy Days Way

Dementia care services enriched by ‘Activity Lifestyle Facilitators’ Care Industry News By Gillian Hesketh MA of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Nostalgic Design comments: There was an atmosphere in the room. Not the grey murmur of voices prior to a training day packed with power point presentations, overhead projectors, flip charts and text heavy handouts. No, […]

Happy Days Communication Board©

Happy Days Social Board – Prompt Activity & Conversations

Happy Days Social Activity Board is designed to help carers, volunteers, relatives and visitors engage and prompt activity or recognise needs … Ideal for people living with dementia, stroke or hearing loss express wants and needs. Help prompt activity for residents and loved ones. Find out about a person’s interests and favourite pastimes. Wipe clean […]

Around 1950s Memory Suitcase

How to Engage with Happy Days Themed Memory Boxes for Reminiscence & Life Story

It seems like the simplest idea, creating a themed memory box – and to be honest, it is fairly simple. But instead of spending time sourcing the long list of materials, purchasing the items, finding the right container, researching the memorabilia era and so on, wouldn’t you rather be caring for residents’ needs and wishes? […]