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Activity Coordinators Make Do & Mend …

As you all know, the role of Activity Coordinator is always a busy one – and in these difficult days, probably even busier due to lockdown, visitors not being allowed into homes and a higher demand for activity. It’s fantastic to see how excessively creative care homes are being during this crisis; from helping residents […]

Thanks to Activity Coordinators

Thank you to Activity Coordinators

It was lovely to see someone saying thanks to all #ActivityCoordinators on L inkedin today … and this was my response: As we all know … AC’s have a very responsible, varied and busy role in the care home enriching social care in a number of different ways, caring for varying needs, organising activities and […]

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Keep an Active Mind – Traditional Nostalgic Games & Reminiscence Materials Delivered to Your Door …

During these difficult times; people being restricted in their homes, visitors not allowed in at residential care, dementia and nursing homes, it’s important to keep busy mentally and physically. As we know, the coronavirus is bringing people together and sadly, at the same time, keeping others isolated. It’s essential everyone remains engaged, as active as […]