Activity Trolley for Care Homes Dementia

For Residential Homes – How to Support Your Activity Coordinators by Gillian Hesketh MA

Calling All Care & Dementia Home Groups, Managers and Regional Support Teams: How To Help & Support Your Activity Coordinators  –  by Happy Days Dementia Activities & Design On behalf of Activity Coordinators and Life Style Facilitators, I would like to say to care home groups, managers and regional support teams simply this: ‘Please consider […]

Calling Cafes, Pubs, Hotels, Libraries, Museums

It’s wonderful to see residential and dementia care homes and hospitals providing reminiscence materials for residents, patients, care teams and families to engage with and enrich social care – for everyone. As we’re all going to live longer, it would be really beneficial for the leisure industry i.e. hotels, cafes, bars, museums, to consider providing […]