Welcome to Dementia Workshop

Welcome Dementia Workshop and to the first Dementia Workshop blog post.

First I must introduce myself briefly; my name is Gillian Hesketh and I have developed a range of memory prompts and creative materials to help carers and families interact with our elders or someone who is living with dementia. After much study [more later], various dementia workshop attendance, market research, voluntary work and a creative streak that keeps driving me forwards, I have arrived here, somewhat temporarily exhausted but happily ~ at Dementia Workshop.

There’s much more to come; tips on interacting with a person who is living with dementia, body language, activities, information, contacts, useful websites, responses to market research, your questions, upcoming ideas, product information and more.

Looking forward to chatting with you on the next post;
‘Dementia ~ Some Basic Information’
‘Activities Can Be As Simple As Moments In Time.’

Please email me at happydayspublishing@yahoo.co.uk with any queries, questions or ideas to share.

Gillian Hesketh MA