Personal & Social Care Survey

Hello everyone, I’d like to share this survey information regarding personal and social care which I came across on Linkedin – Courtesy of Alan Majer, Toronto 11.10.2012:

“I’d like to share some research that surprised me – caregivers claim that the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are less important when it comes to keeping an elderly person “happy, healthy, and comfortable”. This comes from an online survey my company did of 500 caregivers (both family and professionals).

When we asked “what keeps an elderly person happy, healthy, and comfortable?” only 29.3% suggested it was the ADLs (bathing, dressing, toileting etc). The vast majority of respondents (70.7%) said that it was the “softer” aspects of care that make the biggest difference: companionship, conversations, listening, or even telling stories.

My question is whether we ought to be putting more resources into these softer aspects of care (things that sometimes get neglected in favour of operational efficiency)? It appears that this could have important benefits to both physical and mental health.’ Alan Majer.

In response to Alan’s information and extensive market research, Happy Days has designed a selection of interesting and colourful picture and text prompts to help carers initiate conversation and encourage interaction.

Easy to follow, handy to use, wipe clean, lightweight picture and text cards can be easily stored when not in use:

*Time to Chat ~
*Talking-Doing Cards ~

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