Carers’ Centres …

Whilst tidying up my computer files, I came across a magazine article which I may have forgotten to share with you … but more importantly it reminded me of some requests that people often ask me. When I’m out and about, taking Dementia Workshop products to exhibitions, vintage fairs, health and care shows etc., people often ask for advice, or where they can access advice and support. The article below is printed in Blackpool Carers Centre; ‘Caring Times’ which is full of advice and published quarterly.

Carers' Centres

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Of course, there’s lots of advice about pretty much everything on the internet, but real person-to-person support can be found at carer centres nationwide.

Click on the link below, to see Carers Trust carer centres across the UK. So if you need help, support or advice for yourself or for the person you are caring for, get in touch with a carers centre near you:

If you are a carer it’s important to remember to look after you. You matter too ~ keep in touch with friends ~ allow yourself some ‘me’ time ~ write a journal of feelings as a safe place to express yourself ~ join a sports or activity club ~ chill out ~ go for a walk ~ read a book or listen to your favourite music …