New logo …

You’ll probably know that the Dementia Workshop is part of Happy Days Creative Resources designed to help young children, young people and adults express difficulties and broader needs to bring about earlier or more specific support for well-being.

Clearly, the Dementia Workshop website has a more practical feel to it. Straight lines, basic shapes, bold colours and an easy-to-use shopping experience. I believe colour has a lot to do with how we feel. On the Happy Days Publishing website, I use colour and countryside backdrops to cheer everyone up. We often use the term; ‘feeling blue’ when we’re fed up or ‘bright as a button’ when we’re feeling well. So the problem I have, is fusing all the colours of the Happy Days website with the Dementia Workshop colour scheme to create a new umbrella logo.

Now I can’t lose all those daisies and butterflies – and nothing will grow without sunshine – so here’s my first attempt at joining the two websites and keeping something we all need:

new logo01.28.02

Any ideas or designs truly welcome,