Recipe Book of Activities for Carers in Residential Care

Happy Days Dementia Workshop

Happy Days Recipe Book of Social Activities – Master copy and usb drive – Licensed to photocopy or print – Includes interactive materials to prompt conversation and interaction: Themed Memory Box of your choice ~ Picture Bingo ~ Time to Chat Memory Prompt Cards.

Picture Bingo

Time To Chat Memory Prompts Places

World War II Memory Box Deluxe

After lengthy market research in residential care homes, talking to management, carers and residents, Happy Days designed and developed a collection of Social Activities to help carers provide enriched social care in residential, dementia, assisted and domiciliary care.

This colourful and creative collection of social activities and conversation prompts can help to save time for busy carers. From bird watching to reminiscing, carers can access ideas and prompts to provide enriched daily social care for their residents. Behaving like a recipe book, activities are separated into easy-to-follow steps with top tips and guides. Licensed to print or photocopy, complete with master copy and usb drive, Happy Days Social Activities is available at as a complete package including Themed memory box of your choice, memory prompts and picture bingo.

Social Interaction for Carers ~ Workshops available throughout the North West

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