Healthy Eating for our Elders …

Good day everyone,

I came across some interesting information yesterday during one of my general research sessions. To be honest, it was nothing new or ground-breaking, it was just a reminder about healthy eating – and specifically for elderly people.

An elderly friend of mine who lives independently has started losing weight. He visits the doctor on occasions and appears to have no serious health problems. My friend has always been aware of good health and fitness and has done a great job of caring for himself – he is 88 years young.

Many of us are conscious about overloading with carbohydrates [I know I am]. After a chatty few minutes about his meal times and content, it appeared that my good friend has a good diet including meat, fish, oats and milk but had been omitting all carbohydrates from his diet – hoping to stay trim.

All it took was a few minutes to realise the importance of eating the correct balance of foods to help support well-being. My frend has now gained a few pounds [not too many] and now balances the content in his meals.

A number of years ago [we might not discuss the number here though], I remember taking part in a school domestic science exam – the task was to plan and prepare a meal for a fictitious elderly couple, one of whom had returned home from a stay in hospital.

Based on our previous lessons, I ensured the meal contained protein, iron, vitamins and carbohydrates – and this is what I prepared:

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Cod fillet with parsley sauce. Mashed potatoes. Peas.
  • Apple crumble. Custard
  • Cup of tea

Simple. Good basic food. Easy to prepare.

Even then, I considered the crumble and custard – but now of course, I really understand why.

If you are preparing meals for elderly people or people who may be recovering from an illness, check out Age UK and Dr. Chris Steele’s advice – explaining all about vitamins and the importance of choosing a good diet.

Take care,