Magic or Sparkle – Dementia Workshop ? or Dementia Living ? Help choose …

So, the Marks and Spencer’s wonderful Christmas advert is available for all to see – and the public are asked to vote on whether the little white dog is to be called Magic or Sparkle.

‘An advertising ploy’, one tweet read – and others I can’t mention here. But generally there are some really lovely images to see, all combined with a children’s story for us to follow.

And here at Dementia Workshop, we have a similar dilemma – whether to call the website Dementia Workshop or Dementia Living. What do you think?

Email us your choice [Workshop or Living] and we will forward you an Emergency Numbers Template for you to download and use for someone who needs a little extra care.

Hope to hear from you soon – and by the way, I voted Magic.

Happy Days, Gillian