In the press ~ Mother and Daughter

In the press same weekend: Mum talking about G8 Dementia summit @blackpoolgazette and Daughter @OnRepeatRecords in Sunday Times Style Mag …

Sometimes, when my daughter and I make plans to meet up during a rushed conversation where one of us is usually in a hurry for a meeting and the other is usually flying off to New York Mexico, Argentina or Sweden [hmmm wonder which one of us that is?], we just about manage to secure information for a meeting place, venue, date [that would be handy] and time [also useful]. Often, we turn up wearing similar colours or shoes. Of course, mine are usually in a couple of sizes larger and the shoes are somewhat lower but never-the-less, we spot each other easily at the train station, cafe, airport arrivals or recording studio or dry-cleaners[!] and manage to have quite a laugh about it. Clearly we don’t have time to discuss what we plan to wear [never any time for that].  Secretly, my daughter might even be embarrassed about my turning up wearing the same colour as her – but how are we to know?

Similarly, we both ended up in the press this week-end. But the sizes were reversed. I was really pleased to have a piece of informative information printed about the G8 Dementia summit outcome and share general awareness about living well with dementia through the media of our local newspaper, thanks to The Blackpool Gazette. The opportunity had a content deadline for the following morning – so I hadn’t had time to share this with anyone.

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Then on Sunday, in the Times Style Magazine, my daughter appeared with a double page article [she hadn’t had time to tell me about it] and fabulous images [biased I know], wearing a ‘Working Girl’ sweat-shirt [typifies the work ethic in our family], telling the story of her pop life, music industry and the empowerment she now experiences setting up her own business ~

It was a lovely surprise for me to see those images again, remember those exhilarating, fun and exhausting times; meeting up at gigs, photo-shoots [obviously, I didn’t have a corresponding outfit for those] and listening in at recording sessions. I know my daughter wanted to use the media to empower young people starting out in the music industry – to listen to their own voice [apologies for the pun] and be determined to succeed. Reading the real story of a young person achieving success through determination and hard work can be motivating. But what I also experienced is what I hope people with dementia enjoy when a relative, friend or carer prompts their memory with photographs and artefacts from their life or recalls national events or celebrations. Prompting the memory can bring about many stories and recollections of places, colours, objects or people which in turn may encourage interaction and activity. Sharing stories is an enjoyable way to share moments in time for both the person living with dementia and the carer.

Time to Chat memory prompt cards display interesting images with limited text to help carers interact with people who have dementia. Start a conversation or prompt memories. Even the act of stacking the cards on top of each other can help by boosting blood flow or exercise fine motor skills:slider5


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