Simple Music Player for people with dementia

“Music and Dementia – What’s the big deal?”

Browsing the internet for new ways to let you know about Dementia Workshop’s unique materials to help stimulate people who are living with dementia and help carers and families enjoy enriched social activity, I came across Lyndon Owen, MD of E2L who has been developing a ‘Simple Music Player’ for people with dementia or who are experiencing difficulties with cognisance:

‘E2L is a product design company working in medical and healthcare. One particular area of concern is dementia. Partly because we are all living longer, dementia is on the increase. Young people can also develop dementia. Helping people stay at home as long as possible can be beneficial to their quality-of-life. Verbal communication is often difficult due to short-term memory loss. Improving the quality of life at home may be greatly enhanced by providing music from earlier years.

We became aware of an extensive research project undertaken by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, UK, which evaluated the concept of a simple-to-use music player, and we decided to collaborate on the design and development and turn it into a viable product. Essentially there can be great benefits when providing people who have dementia with the type of music they enjoy. However, people with dementia may forget how to manipulate controls on appliances, gadgets or audio equipment. Consequently we’ve built a SIMPLE MUSIC PLAYER to address these issues.

If you wish to know more about music as cognitive stimulation, checkout this video: and you’ll be amazed at the results.

What we’re trying to do is make this available to people with dementia, particularly with those with some level of independence. Consider being part of the solution. If you want to help make this happen, please go to:

simple music player ESL Ld

Many thanks for your consideration, Lyndon Owen.’

Lyndon Owen, MD, E2L Ltd,

The deadline for sponsoring may have passed, but please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring this unique product, purchasing [red, green or walnut effect] or require further information:  E2L