Choosing the right story …

When I deliver training workshops for carers, I usually talk about how it’s sometimes the simplest of activities which can entertain a person who is living with dementia. Reading a children’s story is just one of the suggestions. Carefully chosen for the reminiscence value, residents or people you care for may enjoy interacting with books – looking at illustrations or by listening to someone read out a short story or poem.

Some tips for choosing the right type of story:

A title specially requested by the person you care for.

A story with mature edge – ie Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahaeme.

Rupert the Bear or  Noddy Annuals often trigger happy memories.

Traditional stories.

Beano or Bunty Comics.

Illustrated books.

Modern animated images may not be easily recognisable.

Try not to choose books which contain text only.

Ask relatives to help search out resources.

Most of all, enjoy sharing the experience.