Wall Dressers ~ complete with nostalgic artefacts

Especially designed for Residential Enriched Social Care ~

Enriching social care can be just as important as assisting with daily living activities.

Being surrounded with nostalgic artefacts can sometimes help to stimulate thoughts and prompt memories. When memories turn into stories, it is a sign that we are enriching social care successfully.

Re-dressed dressers complete with nostalgic artefacts to prompt memories and conversation ~

Images coming soon at Happy Days~Dementia Workshop.

Wall dresser may include your choice of items:

Nostalgia: Walls Ice-Cream / McDougals Flour / Quaker Oats / PG Tips / Bourbon Biscuit / Corn Flakes / Marmite and more

Afternoon Tea: Display of Tea pots / Milk/Cream Sugar / Cups Saucers – Bourbon Biscuit – Cherry Cake and more

The Laundry: Omo / Oxydol / Carbolic Soap / Brushes / Dolly Pegs and more

Wall Art: Vintage wall art pieces to complement wall displays at reasonable prices ~ choose from Laundry/Food/Comics/Records and more

Cost effective designs fit neatly into budgets and can accommodate your requested theme at no extra charge.

Contact Gillian or Lei on 01253 899163