Dementia explained for children …

If you have a relative you care for or visit, who is living with dementia you will probably want to know more about the disease and find out ways you can help the person to live well. We don’t always think about explaining dementia to our children, possibly as a way of protecting them [as children can sometimes have irrational thoughts about people they love with an illness, imagining it could happen to them] or not realising how they can help too.  It may be helpful to let your children understand what is happening to a person they love who is living with dementia. Explaining that the brain isn’t functioning properly ~ and this causes the person to be forgetful or confused may be one simple way. Below is  a list of books which have been recommended to me. But when thinking about ways to help elderly people or people living with dementia, children could be a real joy when sharing stories or encouraging relatives to interact. To complement the idea of explaining dementia to children, Happy Days has developed a colourful ‘My Memory Jogger’ interactive booklet where stories, photographs and favourites can be collated. Grandchildren can interact with grandparents when creating a lovely family keepsake. Memory Joggers can help to create meaningful conversations to share with the people we love and care for. Visit after visit, materials, favourites and stories can be added the booklet can be re-enjoyed time and time again.

To help engage with a loved one who is living with dementia,  My Memory Jogger makes an interesting gift ~ interactive pages to prompt and collect stories and favourites around the person who is living with dementia.

My Memory Jogger can them be useful if your loved one moves into residential care ~ Having personal information at hand can help carers interact with your relative and initiate meaningful conversations for enjoyable social time.

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Books recommended to me to help children understand dementia:

Striped Shirts and Flowered Pants

Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator?

Green Kitty

Always My Grandpa

Hugging Grandma

What’s happening to Grandpa?