A Reach Too Far … Airport Security

A Reach Too Far

I’m sure most people are in favour of personal security checks at airports but it doesn’t cost money or time to retain a little dignity in the process.

I recently travelled from Blackpool airport [26th May], whose security systems, quite rightly, appeared to be as stringent as any of the larger airports.

During this recent departure via Blackpool airport, I had my dress hoisted to my waist. As I pulled my dress down to preserve my dignity, the security clerk tugged my dress up once again. As a woman in my fifties, standing on public display in the middle of a room full of men and women – with my dress lifted high, was totally degrading and something which still affects me – enough to be writing this article. Could this have been avoided? My answer is yes. What right does a person with or without the title of security clerk have to begin stripping clothes from another person in public? Shouldn’t security clerks universally respect dignity?

But the point I’m raising is not just about me; my feelings, it is about dignity, especially where elderly people are concerned. Removing shoes, belts, emptying pockets can be confusing and cause distress. For people who are living with dementia, or people who are caring for someone with dementia, this type of intrusive behaviour may cause severe confusion, anxiety or even panic.

Would it be too much to ask airport security departments that during training sessions, a little time was devoted to dignity and care – so that we don’t have to dread the power machine that is: Security Check?

Maybe, Dementia Action Alliance could give them a call?