Nostalgic Spaces for Well-being

Just one of our many Nostalgic Displays - Choose your own style, theme, era, colour scheme and budget

Nostalgic spaces can help elderly and people living with dementia by prompting memories and stimulating meaningful interaction.

Happy Days can create the perfect environment for you :~

1950s/60’s Sideboards complete with memory basket, tea-time display, memorabilia and conversation prompts.

Wall Units with nostalgic display – McDougalls – Oxo – Colmans – Typhoo – Bourbon – Marmite.

Wall collages – collections of everyday objects: Green Shield Stamps – Pre-decimalisation pound notes – Vinyl records.

Wall collages – vintage images – Woman’s Own – Practical Housekeeper – Gardening – Seaside – Fashion.

‘Half-done’ rooms to allow residents to transfer and sort materials.

Wash-Day – complete with clothes maiden, folding items, memory basket, replica memorabilia and more.