Juggling Balls

The last thing I expected when Happy Days visited a local residential care home to share our materials and see exactly what people enjoyed, was to find so much interest in juggling.

Amongst the wide choice of nostalgic materials we transported into the lounge in our retro-trolleys: musical birds, bubbles, fuzzy wires, Jacks, pick-up sticks, we added a few juggling balls for their tactile effect; the squishy feel and the bright colours.

The juggling balls were a clear winner, bringing not only smiles from the residents but we could see how they encouraged movement and interaction between the residents.

Juggling Balls collection – Featuring 3 quality balls and an easy-to-follow ‘How To’ book.

This fantastic kit is packed inside a wonderfully vivid and retro-style storage box to attract interest.

Share the fun whilst encouraging movement, hand-eye coordination and boosting blood flow for well-being.