Social Activity Manual

Happy Days Activity & Social Interaction Recipe Books and packages contain a wealth of ideas, activities and conversation prompts for carers to refer to when engaging and enriching residents’ care throughout the day.

Happy Days Recipe Book and Kits for Carers are cost effective, saving you and your employees time when searching for materials, products and ideas to prompt social interaction.

Choose from over 100 themed pages with everyday issues, sensitive text, subtle colour schemes and interesting images.

Resources and activities are designed to help carers share meaningful conversation and encourage interaction for well-being.

Engaging in activity can help to stave boredom, calm agitation, assist movement, help residents to maintain skills, sustain a sense of purpose, achievement and enhance well being.

‘Activity’ can sometimes be moments in time. Sharing interests may increase carer-resident knowledge and improve relationships.

In a colourful recipe-book-style format, activities are easy to follow, save research time and are cost effective.

Happy Days Activities includes Master Copy and USB drive containing files for each page, licensed for your organisation and can be printed or photocopied repeatedly for your carer, support or volunteer teams:

Examples of content:

Introductions ~ Guides ~ Support plans ~ Achievement charts ~ Self-care for Carers
Interactive Resident Social History Pages – Get to really know your resident
My Life Map ~ My Favourites ~ Things I Can Do
Activity pages ~ Conversation Prompts ~ One-to-One Activities
Colouring-In for Relaxation ~ Staff Display Frame for Photographs and Interests ~ Certificates.

Offer Includes: 

1 x Master Copy with usb drive – page topics to your specific requirements [Carers / Residents / Visiting / Volunteers / Domiciliary / Support Teams]

1 x Themed Memory Box of your choice

1 x Time to Chat memory prompt cards of your choice

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Mob: 07971-953620 for visit or further information.