Watch the Smiles ~ Engage and Enjoy ~ Reminiscence Rooms …

Well, it’s been another really super week, creating nostalgic displays in residential care homes. Our interactive displays bring about some amazing responses from residents, carers and visitors especially: Smiling – Nodding – Pointing – Touching – Talking – Reminiscing – Engaging in meaningful conversations: Communication between visitors who may not usually chat with each other – Staff members, often rushing past each other have stopped and joined in … Sometimes, all it takes is a 1960’s coffee pot or a 1950’s mantle clock to catch a person’s attention and it’s just wonderful to watch people engaging through this media.

We might not like to admit it, but sometimes, visiting a relative or friend in a residential or care environment can be daunting. If we’re honest, the visit can sometimes be – dare we admit it? – dreaded. It’s not because we don’t want to see or be with our loved ones – it’s often because we run out of things to do to engage with them meaningfully. We want our visits to be worthwhile. What are we going to say after the initial Hellos and How are yous? – After we’ve unwrapped the flowers and nodded – After we’ve opened the sweets – put fresh pyjamas in the cupboard – After the awkward pauses and glances at the clock?

We want to help provide Happy Days for everyone when visiting loved ones – and that’s why we’ve developed the ‘Happy Days Activity Trolley.’ Packed with nostalgic activities, sorting materials, themed memory boxes, large piece jigsaws and even colouring for mature adults, we’re encouraging Care Home and Care Service providers to have these nostalgic activities available for families and friends to share with their loved ones during visits.

Using photographs, memorabilia and nostalgic items can prompt our long term memories and bring about stories to share and enjoy. Interacting with materials or engaging in social activities can help encourage movement and boost blood flow. Improving social interaction can help relieve boredom and lift mood. Seeing our loved one interested can help our sense of purpose – we feel more useful. And when we feel good, this reflects onto the person we are caring for. When we leave our loved one smiling, we feel uplifted.

We understand that not everyone can engage in activities – that’s why our Activity Trolley includes a carer guide with some sensitive tips for carers and visitors.

It’s great to see some care organisations, care home owners and managers are really beginning to get on board now. But we’d like to see more opportunities for visitors and residents to engage and enjoy – So next time you’re visiting a care home, hospital, rehabilitation centre or dementia cafe, tell them about a “Happy Days Activity Trolley’ – and just send them to us –

Happy Days everyone,  Gillian

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Happy Days nostalgic displays and activity trolleys are unique and cost effective.

We don’t require architects or lengthy planning schemes.

Just choose your theme /colour scheme / budget and we can prepare materials for you.

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