Social Engagement for Carers – Enrich Social Care – Elderly & Dementia

You can’t care for a person until you know about the person …

Our workshops are practical, interactive and presented in a fun way to help carers engage with elderly and people living with dementia to enrich social care for well-being

We have an average feedback score above 95% so far and if you don’t have fun engaging in our workshops, we’d want to know :)

Here are some comments from our carers                                                                                 [anonymous to protect the care provider and carer]

Was the content informative? 

‘Yes, very informative’

Was the content interesting?

‘Yes, very, very interesting’

Do you feel more able to help residents prompt memories and encourage interaction?

‘Most certainly’

Do you feel more equipped to participate in moments in time conversations and daily interaction with residents; people living with dementia?

‘Yes definitely’

What did you enjoy the most?  


‘The whole package’

‘The presentation’

‘Engaging with memory boxes’

‘All the memory prompts’

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