Nostalgic Environments for Reminiscence and Social Well-being

Hello everyone,

To be really honest, I had intended to post a weekly blog, pictures and ideas, including topics about enriching social care, things to do together, tales from my exhibitions and happy stories from care home visits and presentations around the UK; trials, tribulations and caring tips.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a workaholic [not to be advised ] and like to stay up quite late. Developing new materials takes a great deal of time, and much more than I had ever planned or expected, so having that extra energy has been useful. My main problem is that once I’ve developed an idea, another one pops into my head – and I’m off again. As soon as I think the product is ready to go, I’m advised to upgrade the packaging [yes, that was necessary] then the brand image needed smartening up [er, yes I agreed to that] and all my social media vehicles required colour, image and font coordination [well, that would look smarter] … and then I need to let people know what we have, how to use it, where to get it …

I’ve been out and about over the past two years; exhibiting nostalgic materials, creating displays, talks and demonstrations, sharing ideas for enriching elderly, dementia and carer social care on a daily basis. This too, takes up an enormous amount of time. With two phones and a sat nav, finding all the locations is often a challenge but we usually arrive on time with all the materials in tact. Of course, it’s fabulous to meet everyone and see first hand how care homes operate and improve social care. When we’re helping to create nostalgic environments, I think it’s important to absorb the ethos of the environment to understand and plan what would fit most comfortably yet create some changes for the most beneficial effect for residents, carers and visitors.

So this year, I have decided to attend less exhibitions, write more information to share with you [I hope to share articles and topics quite soon] and have an occasional early night.

So, in the meantime, if you’d like to share my website with colleagues, friends and family, like and join in Happy Days Dementia Workshop facebook page, link with me on linkedin or re-tweet me [@dementiaaction], I would be very much appreciate it. Anyone with a related story to share, I’ll be happy to share it on the Happy Days blog.

Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to this year…

It’s wonderful to see how many care homes and their care teams are so committed to enriching dementia care that I’m designing and installing nostalgic materials on a daily basis. Lucky for me that care homes are open 24/7 – fits nicely with my workaholic life style, creative late nights and flexible delivery times.

So take a look at our work – and if we can help with nostalgic displays, conversation prompts, social activity manuals or memorabilia, please call, literally any day of the week.

Sample Rooms:

Reminiscence & Activity – Garden Room – Seaside Room – Around 1950s /1960s Room – Sewing/Craft/Activity – Tool Shed – Olde Fashioned Sweete Shoppe – Interesting Dining – Ladies Lounge – Gents Lounge – Corridors – Foyers – Resident Rooms






Celebs & Sport 9

Wallpaper - Just paste and apply the 6 Pieces

Easy to apply 1950s Wallpaper Scene



***Care Home Manual Image


Time to Chat Cards - Swinging Sixties

email or phone anytime for information or catalogue:

Tel: 01253-899163