Here’s what we’ve been up to this week at Happy Days Dementia Workshop – Sweet Shop and more …

This week, we have been very busy as usual, creating materials for carers to engage with the people they are caring for – and for you to share with relatives and loved ones.

People around me, or who have worked with me, know that I’m a workaholic – mostly to keep me busy. Although never diagnosed, it’s pretty clear I live with some form of HD – often unable to be still and requiring little sleep. My work, creating new materials on a regular basis, visiting care homes and hospitals, presenting workshops and exhibiting our Happy Days nostalgic materials fits wonderfully with my energy levels and I’m thankful for that.

So it was no real surprise by Friday afternoon to find ourselves loading nineteen huge boxes onto the APC lorry, bound for care homes in Ascot and Admiral Nurses in Knowsley. Not only that, we received confirmation that our first parcel to USA had arrived safely along with some lovely comments from a client who had purchased an Activity Apron to help keep a relative busy.

I love my work – and I love chocolate – so you can imagine how much fun it is to have the opportunity to create a complete Olde-fashioned Sweet Shop for one of Borough Care’s residential care homes at Stockport. We’ve been sourcing nostalgic sweet tins, fancy containers, tall sweet jars, jelly bean dispensers, curiosities, original magazines and much more over the past few weeks. Colour, sound and touch is important to all of us and especially for our elderly and people living with dementia. We choose our display very items carefully – even the shop counter bell has to chime with a soft warm tone. The rich oak finished counter, wall units and coordinating signage were completed earlier in the week, so things have moved pretty quickly since collecting our sweet shop brief last month. We’ve installed half of the display and the manager’s expression didn’t need any words to describe her excitement. Her idea to engage residents, visitors and carers using an olde- fashioned sweet shop as the vehicle seemed a super idea right from the start and as always, Borough Care [Stockport], with their commitment to enriching social care and nostalgic environments for their residents’ well-being supported the sweet shop idea immediately. Watch out next week for final touches and more images.

For information on Borough Care Limited residential and dementia enriched care: or tweet @BoroughCareLtd

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Exhibiting is part of how we show you what we can do. Time consuming – yes, but Sue, Suzanne and I love meeting up with everyone, sharing ideas and rising to new challenges. For the rest of the week, we will be preparing for our free mini interactive workshop  – Come and see us at Aintree Racecourse [L9 5AS] on Tuesday 10th May 1t 10.30am or 1.30pm [please check Care Roadshows for timings].

Looking forward to meeting you at the care show – and if you can’t make it, please email or call anytime – We are available at weekends to accommodate varying shifts.


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