Expansion … Exasperation … Enjoyment

So today, if all goes to plan, in approximately thirty-four minutes, the builder[s] will arrive. I’ve been waiting with a oxymoronic emotion for this love-hate process of living through something both horrid and wonderful at the same time. But still, building something has definitely got to be better than a visit to the dentist [Apologies Mike – please don’t take it personally] and I’m really looking forward to expanding the Happy Days workshop and creating a showroom for clients to visit.

Happy Days’ workshop will be unravelled, from the forties to the seventies, memorabilia, memory boxes, jigsaws, memory joggers, pictures, containers, juggling balls, buckets and spades, mushroom darners and football programmes are just a few of the items to be labelled and re-housed in a location unknown to me at the moment. ‘The build process will be simple’, said the builder, who happens to be called Bob. ‘Yes, we can decide which side of the building the showroom is going to be during the process … We can easily … yes please one tea, one coffee, the tea with two sugars, coffee with a half – oh definitely – just butter, no jam on my toast thanks.’

So here we go – will keep you updated during the process. But don’t worry, everything will be continuing as usual – same email – same phone numbers – just sitting, standing, sorting, sketching from a different space.



Phone: 01253-899163