Hat & Chat Station – Helping care home residents engage

I get some strange looks from my family sometimes. Especially when there’s a new project on the table. They’re always sceptical at first, then silence prevails and sneaky sideways glances as they see the project progress. As we all know, Mum’s always right. The times we’d been told to take a coat to school because it would rain later – or do homework before playing out so there would be no tears before bedtime.  So the designs and products that were on the kitchen table five years ago, attracting those strange glances, are now regularly  lined up on the workshop bench, being prepared with care and received into care homes and hospitals across the UK. We know our reminiscence materials  help carers engage. We know that residents, patients and people living with dementia are provided with another interesting or nostalgic way to interact meaningfully, engage in activity and with other people in their living space. And we know they enjoy the materials due the the number of emails we receive from care teams who have seen first hand the difference Happy Days reminiscence displays and materials help enrich social care and improve a sense of well-being.

Kay Bain of Crossgate Care Centre, Kilmarnock, Shaftesbury Care Group Home sent us this lovely message earlier this week:

Thank you for the delivery of memorabilia, I love it all – The hat racks are a dream and amazing to see residents spontaneously helping themselves.

It’s always uplifting to hear success stories; people engaging and enjoying everyday – and it’s exactly this that keeps me designing and developing new ways to enjoy time together with our loved ones, people living with dementia and the people we are caring for.