Snakes & Ladders Chat Time and more …

Snakes & Ladders Chat Time –

At Happy Days, we love to bring about traditional and recognisable activities, redesigned with conversation prompts to help people engage. Some designs are brand new whilst others have been waiting patiently, side by side, in neat rows or stacked up high in Happy Days walk-in storage cabinet. Packed with blueprints, edited games, school and young people’s resources, activity pages for carers and people living with dementia, training games – [there’s even a novel and a stack of children’s stories]; these potential engagement products are just waiting for enough public or care service interest to bring them out into the open. Waiting to be released from the dark corners of the cabinet, into full colour, fancy boxes and fame to help prompt conversations and/or activity to help enrich social well-being. We know that keeping occupied keeps us interested and engaged. Sharing games and activities can prompt meaningful moments and encourage further activity. So if you have any favourite games or new ideas, just drop us a line [email] and we’ll see if it’s on the shelf just waiting to be re-created.


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