Helping Hands – A peep into how their caring teams really do help people at home …

It was lovely to hear a true story from Becky about Helping Hands, award winning home care company: Employees Choice Awards. Listen to Audrey telling her story of how Lesley from Helping Hands has helped her regain independence renew an interest in life after a fall and long stay in hospital. [Video below]

 One of the best places to work in the UK is Helping Hands according to Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award for 2018. This significant award places Helping Hands amongst the likes of Google and Microsoft- and prides the provider as the only home care company to have been placed within the top 50.

Glassdoor is a job and recruitment website, with a database containing millions of reviews on companies across the Globe. It awards companies every year to recognise and celebrate exceptional employers and leaders worldwide. The award is wholly based on anonymous employee feedback, meaning this is an award which is highly regarded.

Employees submit feedback on the companies that they work for providing: reviews and ratings, information on job and workplace, and feedback to qualify what they feel the employer does well (as well as things they feel could be improved upon.)

Tim Lee, CEO of Helping Hands, explained that the company places emphasis on taking great care of staff, whether they are carers, managers, or support staff, to ensure that this ethos of care translates to their clients. The company upholds its values by inspiring, for all staff, a passionate approach to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. Tim Lee said: “We are experiencing a period of huge growth and so ensuring that our company values remain constant is key if we are to be an employer of choice and continue to deliver outstanding home care to our families.”

This is the first time that Helping Hands has received an award for the Best Places to Work category (in its tenth year of running.) However, last year Tim Lee received the prestigious title of one of the Highest Rated CEOs, coming in at 32nd.

The company has faced an overwhelmingly successful turnaround under Tim’s lead. Last year, Helping Hands received an employer rating of only 2.6 out of 5. However, in 2018, this has transformed to an impressive overall score of 4.3 out of 5, reflecting employees changed experiences within the company. 82% of employees would recommend working for Helping Hands to a friend, whilst Tim Lee retains his acclaimed status with an CEO approval rating of 93%.

Employees are asked to complete feedback with regards to their experience in career opportunity, compensation, senior management, work/life balance, workplace and ethos, whilst also rating their overall satisfaction to form results which can be viewed both qualitatively and quantifiably.

Co-founder and CEO of Glassdoor, Robert Hohman, explained how the awards inspire companies to become better employers, by showcasing some of the country’s outstanding examples and winners. He said: “We know today’s job seekers are more informed than ever about where they go to work, researching everything from company culture to career opportunities to pay philosophy and more.” The information that Glassdoor give is trusted by companies, because it is formed by the most honest source- the employees. Because of this, Glassdoor is reputable and provides awards which are sought-after.

“Accommodating, supportive, friendly, caring, compassionate,” were the words that came up time and time again in the reviews written about Helping Hands. It is clear to see how, with this reoccurring praise, the home care company has scooped up this award and proves itself as a leader in its sector.

Additionally, the most popular ‘con’ written by the employees was: “There are no cons in my experience of the training.”

Therefore, the company must be treating employees very ‘right,’ and the culture that they have created for staff seems to be well-deserving of this award.

To find out more about Helping Hands, you can get in touch with their Worcestershire branch.