Everything You Need to Help Your Care Teams Engage and Enrich Social Care for Your Residents …

Some jobs in life look easier than they are – like cutting hair, painting, being a carer or answering phone lines. But the truth is, we know that training, dedication, manners, respect and a happy disposition are all part of making our everyday into a positive outcome. When we have the right tools for our work, the task becomes easier to carry out.

I’ve visited many residential care homes over the years and in some, I hear activity coordinators wanting to do more activities with residents to engage and encourage social well-being. Sometimes, its the budget, sometimes it’s just a request for storage space or perhaps a clear wall space to display the week’s activities and events. Sourcing ideas and products can take time. That’s why we like to provide a wide range of nostalgic and memory prompt materials to cover as many interests as possible – and save you time searching for products and engagement materials.

Everyone is different. We may be sporty, artistic, interested in history science. We may be outgoing or quiet. Finding our about a person is key to knowing what would engage and interest that person. Engaging in group or physical activity isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Crafting might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Often, just talking is enough: Read the newspaper headlines – Share a magazine. Activities don’t always need to be complicated or costly. Some people just enjoy the action – Feeling the jigsaw edges rather than making the whole jigsaw. Sorting buttons rather than sewing. Stacking dominoes rather than playing the game. Activities don’t need to be competitive or take up large amounts of time. These small acts can all be enjoyed anytime during the day or evening and may help to calm agitations.

Happy Days Social Activities Manuals are ideal to help carers engage with residents and people living with dementia. Packed with ideas, prompts and activities which can be photocopied for continual use. We supply a colourful master copy in A4 size, ring bound and fully laminated with a usb drive, all activity pages loaded onto the usb for printing and licence. *Each copy is licensed to one location. Ideal for helping care teams work together, pages include fundraising ideas, tips for carer self-care and social activities. Materials can be edited for your organisation, theme or service. Discounts available for bulk purchase.

Alongside Activity manuals, we like to encourage care homes and dementia care services to in our themed reminiscence products. Our range of reminiscence boxes, baskets, suitcases and trolley range from Seaside, Baking Day, Fix It Tool Box, Glorious Gardening, Powder Room, School Days to Activity Tool Boards, Pointer Boards,  a wide range of Conversation Prompts, Nostalgic Games and more. Having these materials to hand can help your Care Teams engage and enrich social care for elderly and people living with dementia.

People often ask how we know that investing in the nostalgic materials and meaningful wall art works – To be honest, I can only express, quite proudly,  that our clients repeat their orders for other floors within the residential home – or repeat in another of the group’s homes – or repeat orders within their organisation in other locations throughout the country.

For offers and further information phone Gillian on 01253-899163 or Email gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk