Top Tip Number 2 for Carers, Care Teams, Families

We all know it’s important for everyone to eat healthily, exercise regularly, get fresh air, good sleep and keep in touch with family and friends for an all round sense of wellbeing.

In care settings, residential homes, community groups, and dementia cafes and care, we are conscious about helping people stay engaged, maintain everyday skills and sustain activity. It’s wonderful to be witnessing the surge in residential and dementia home entertainment, outings and activity sessions. The rise in drop-in centres and meet-ups for people living with dementia and their families and carers is admiral. More care homes are employing lifestyle facilitators / activity coordinators. Notice boards with the week’s events are improving tremendously with sing-alongs, exercise to music, nursery or school visits – and of course, plenty of craft and card-art sessions.

Happy Days Tip Number 2: For some people, joining in a craft activity may feel too complicated and could become over-whelming. People sitting nearby might often want to join in but feel unable or may not be able to concentrate for the whole event so it’s important to create opportunities for people to engage, even if they can’t take part in the selected craft. It really is okay for people to engage in a much simpler activity. Prepare engagement materials  before the event: Bobbins to stack or wind – Buttons in a tin with a tray to sort or stack – A box of Bits’n’Bobs to organise. People are often drawn to these tasks, reminding them of everyday tasks. Sorting and stacking can help to maintain skills, fine motor movement and boost blood flow. Set up  simple tasks for gents who might have been used to being responsible for repairs in the home [See Happy Days Reminiscence Tool Kits].

To save the time for you to care more – Happy Days have a range of everyday engagement materials with nostalgic containers just ready to interest participants and support any craft sessions:

Everyday Living – Fix It – Baking Days – Glorious Gardening – Knit & Stitch – Sorting Box – Buttons & More – Stamp Sorting – Buttons – and more.

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