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Gifts for Grandparents: If you’re looking for a gift for your grandparent, look no further. Save time searching the shops – Happy Days Dementia Workshop’s range of nostalgic games, large piece jigsaw puzzles, die-cast vintage styled models, 1950s / 60s and 70s brands picture books and colouring pages, juggling balls, dress-up dolls and more make ideal gifts to share and enjoy.

Our reminiscence materials can help prompt conversations and are ideal for people living with dementia and living at home or in residential care.

If your parent, relative or friend is living in a residential or dementia care home, why not take a gift in to share with other residents?

Help prompt meaningful conversations – Hear the Stories – See the Smiles …

Call in to our showroom and browse our selection – at Little Thornton, Lancashire – phone Gillian on 07971-953620

Looking forward to meeting you, Gillian

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