Everyday Sorting Activity Box with Colouring Pages

For some people living with dementia, activities don’t need to be complicated. It really is alright to sort, stack, wind bobbins or wool. These activities can help to maintain skills, boost blood flow and assist fine motor movement. At Happy Days we like to create simple activities to help engage a person living with dementia. Our activities can save sourcing time for care teams, making their time free for caring. Everyday Sorting Activity Box with Around the 1950s and 60s Colouring Pages is an ideal activity for people living with dementia. Cost and time effective, this activity has something for everyone.

Ideal for at home, in residential environments, dementia cafes or for home care companionship teams.

Lightweight wooden sorting box comes complete with everyday materials, colouring pencils and colouring pages.

Includes 2 x conversation prompt cards and carer tips/guide.

Buy online www.dementiaworkshop.co.uk only £23.95