Bird Watch – Care Home Activity

Do you have a bird table at your care home – and do you help residents feed the birds? If so that’s great news for everyone [including the birds]. But if you can’t see one on site, have a look around ¬†there could be one lurking in a shed or store room? Feeding the birds is a great way to get residents outdoors and involved. For residents who are less mobile, ensure chairs are placed by windows where the bird table can be seen.

Here’s some Happy Days Dementia Workshop cost effective tips for bird watching activity:

Ask for volunteers, relatives, friends or local joiner to make a bird table and maybe, if it’s early Spring time, a bird house too.

Other options: fundraise for the bird table and house – Make it easy; A Raffle / Guess the weight / Football Game Card

Locate the bird table or hanging bird feeder in a place where the most people can see it from the care home – Place chairs near the window for bird watching.

Place the bird house in a nearby tree or a nearby wall.

Create an activity with residents: ‘Making fat balls for the birds’

Collect bread, rind and other bird friendly foods from the kitchen.

Use fluff from the tumble dryer or old jumpers for birds to take for making their nest – Place nearby.

Feed birds in the mornings. [Check weather conditions for residents’ outdoor clothing]

Create an activity ‘Taking photographs of the birds’ – or – Collect images of birds or books with birds to prompt meaningful conversations and encourage activity.

Make a ‘Bird Watch Notice Board’ – Add photos, pictures of birds and list the names of birds sighted.

If you have enough interested people, hold a Bird Watch Meeting: Ask a local enthusiast to present a short talk or film about birds / birdwatching / migration / local birds.

Research ‘Ready to Hatch [eggs to chicks] or Henpower or Hens to Hire – where professionals visit your home with hens.

The Little Book of Birdsong is musical: Beautifully illustrated with bird images. Just press the buttons to hear each bird’s song.

*See for Musical Birdsong Book: Little Book of Birdsong:

Click here for Musical Bird Book

Bird Watch Activity is just one of Happy Days Dementia Workshop’s Activity Manual Pages. Manuals are packed with social activities, images and ideas to help care teams enrich social care for residents and participants.


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