1960s Newspaper Man on the Moon 1969 Replica News

I doesn’t take long to get tongues wagging when you have a replica newspaper to prompt memories of events, experiences and stories. For example a 1969 Replica Newspaper with it’s memorable heading The First Footstep above a fabulous moon landing photograph is quite likely to prompt the long term memory.

Happy Days has a wide range of nostalgic and tactile materials to help people create meaningful conversations, help with daily skills, encourage movement and prompt activity. From Activity Aprons to 1960s Reminiscence Suitcases and Tool Boxes.

We love to create new materials too – so if there Is anything specific you require to help enrich social care for you or your care team, email gillian@demenetiaworkshop.co.ukMan Lands on Moon newspaper at www.dementiaworkshop.co.uk