Activity Coordinators Make Do & Mend …

As you all know, the role of Activity Coordinator is always a busy one – and in these difficult days, probably even busier due to lockdown, visitors not being allowed into homes and a higher demand for activity. It’s fantastic to see how excessively creative care homes are being during this crisis; from helping residents link online with relatives to ‘Corridor Social Distance Bingo.’

As many people are at home, working or catching up with household tasks, gardening or fixing things, sorting and clearing out ‘stuff’, I imagine similar could be going on in the care home. Activities are more important than ever for maintaining everyday skills, movement and to support a good mental health. People have lived their lives repairing household items, altering clothes, fixing games and sorting the contents of their homes.

So my tip is: Go and search your care home’s storage rooms and cupboards, check back offices and staff rooms; the spare room where everything gets piled up, sideboards and display units. You might be surprised at what you find. In one care home, we came across a tall cupboard and in another, an under sink kitchen unit, both locked with a padlock. Both cupboards were stacked with games, activity materials and one with Happy Days reminiscence boxes that no-one in the home knew about.

Some residents may enjoy helping to sort activity items into the correct containers, tidy out Cds, Dvds, repair jigsaw puzzle boxes or games. Don’t forget to clear out really broken items, faded pictures and dying plants to maintain a positive vibe. Having a Make Do & Mend Day is bound to get tongues wagging and keep residents busy. Enjoy, Gillian