In-House Practical Training – Dementia Engagement

Wouldn’t it be ideal if care and dementia homes and home-care services could provide an in-house practical training session to help care teams engage with people living dementia – Well now you can! Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design has edited their Social Interaction Practical Training Workshop for Care Teams, into a script. Designed to be used in-house, so there’s no venue to find or travel costs to cover. The workshop is practical in nature and has an easy to follow format. Created in stand-alone topics, you can select which information or activity you want to provide in your training session. If you are experienced at presenting, a glance at the cards is all you need – If not, the cards styled so that they can be read out to your care team. At Happy Days, we are passionate about helping care teams enrich social care, so the cards include information pages and provide engagement tips and techniques. Role play and the opportunity to understand what it might feel like to be living with dementia, offer opportunities to practise with materials,

Workshop Training Cards are ideal for In-House Training.

Create your own practical training workshop – Help care teams engage with elderly and people living with dementia.

Find out about dementia – Practise techniques – Role Play – Engage with sample materials – Discuss ideas and outcomes

Stay safe in your care home, residential dementia home or home-care or care service environment.

Save travel costs and time sourcing venues.

10 x Training Script Cards in Wallet

1 x Planning Template / 1 x Recap Template

1 x Carer Guide

Some materials and samples to use during the workshop.

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Dementia Training Workshop