For Train Enthusiasts …

For Train Enthusiasts …Train Memorabilia at living with dementia may still be interested in hobbies and pastimes that they have enjoyed throughout their lives. That’s why Happy Days has collated a pack of Train and Travel reminiscence materials to help care services, carers and families engage with elderly and people living with dementia who are interested in trains, travel, news, holidays and related hobbies.

Prompting the long term memory can help to bring about conversations to share and enjoy together. Using pictures, books and newspapers can help a person who is living with dementia to feel part of everyday living. For carers, the chance to encourage interaction is often well received and the outcome can enrich moments for both parties. Ideal for care homes, home care services and at home.

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If your loved one has a specific hobby or interest, email and we will collate a pack just for you – to suit your theme and budget.