Dementia Engagement: Helping Activity Coordinators Engage …

At Happy Days, we like to help care teams and activity coordinators engage with residents and enrich social care every day.

We often take talking and creating conversations for granted – We assume it’s easy for everyone to join in a conversation. Starting a new conversation with someone you don’t know anything about can be even more difficult.

We understand how busy a carer’s day can be – Happy Days materials are not intended to take up more time – they are designed to help care teams engage with residents during everyday living. Pointer boards, chat cards, reminiscence materials and memory prompts can help to encourage conversations and activity.

Providing a healthy diet, encouraging good mobility and assisting daily living, it’s also important to help a person in residential care or living with dementia, remain socially engaged. Happy Days Reminiscence Boxes include themed artefacts, memorabilia and tactile items to help prompt stories to share and enjoy.

Getting to really know the person or people being cared for can really help everyday conversations, uplift mood and encourage interaction with others. Happy Days Memory Joggers are ideal for helping to record life’s stories, interests, hobbies, favourites, likes and dislikes. Care teams and families can use the Memory Jogger as a reminiscence tool.

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