Wellbeing – Later Stages Dementia

Dementia Wellbeing is at the heart of Happy Days, helping care teams enrich social and sensory care for people living with dementia.

Research shows that people living with later stages of dementia may have less contact with other people beyond personal care, eating and drinking.

People with advanced dementia often find it difficult to communicate and interact with other people; may not be able to engage in group activities and spend more time alone in their rooms.

It’s important to engage people via their senses, especially through the power of a loving touch to improve quality of life. Sensory activities may improve end-of-life care for people living with advanced dementia.

Engaging in positive interactions through sensory care may also help care teams and families connect more closely with their loved ones and the people they care for.

Don’t waste time sourcing materials – Packs can be created for your care sessions to suit your residents, colour schemes and of course, budget.

Email gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk or phone direct: 07971-953620 Wellbeing Materials for Care Homes - Residents Living with Dementia