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At Happy Days Dementia Activities & Design, we want to make a difference. We are passionate about helping elderly people and people living with dementia, to live well. We design and create engagement materials and nostalgic environments to help carers enrich social care and enjoy their time shared with each person they are caring for. If carers feel good, this will reflect onto the person or people being cared for.

We believe that creating meaningful, interactive displays and interesting wall art collections can help to prompt conversations and stories to share and enjoy.  Enjoy reminiscence boxes, nostalgic games and sensory materials – We don’t leave you alone, wondering how to use our materials or working out what to say. That’s why most of Happy Days products include a conversation prompt card and or carer guide.

About Gillian Hesketh:

Writer and Designer of Happy Days Creative Resources and Nostalgic Displays for Residential & Care Homes, Hospitals, Dementia Cafes, Community Centres, Volunteers, Families and Friends caring for elderly people and people living with dementia.

Happy Days Publishing - Dementia Workshop

Writer of ‘Happy Days ~ A Shared Journey’ and dedicated to bringing Happy Days creative projects to fruition, I am passionate about interactive resources, activities, conversation and memory prompts to help carers, volunteers, families and friends are able to enrich care whilst sharing enjoyable moments for elderly or people living with dementia. Participating in the smallest activity can help people maintain skills, sustain movement, provide opportunity for expression and boost enjoyment of everyday life. Staying part of the on-going-ness of life may encourage a more positive sense of self and enhance well-being.

Always turning negatives into positives, I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to learn, re-learn or re-understand life around us. Studying for a degree in English Literature and Linguistics and an MA in Creative Writing, I recognised the connection between writing and expressing emotion; how triggering the long term memory through visual reminders could evoke recollections of events and experiences from the past.

Happy Days activities and memory prompts for elderly, people who need extra care or people living with dementia are based on my studies: Language and Power – Speech and Thought – Memory and Reminiscence; recalling past events and experiences to aid thought processes and reminiscence, prompt conversation and encourage participation to benefit a greater sense of well-being. Behaviour theories and therapies, dementia information, workshops, case-studies, carer shared stories and accounts, continued research and market research are at the core of Happy Days Activities for dementia living and continue to be.

Bespoke materials are developed regularly. Licensed resources for frontline carers and volunteers are available for residential, assisted living, domiciliary care environments and dementia cafes.

It’s not always what you write, draw, listen to or engage with – it’s sometimes what happens when you do.


*Please email me with any requests, for further information or if you wish to add related material to share on Happy Days Dementia Workshop’s blog.

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