Activity Coordinator Connect: Ideas & Chat

Happy Days Contact List for Activity Coordinators

Are you are an Activity Coordinator or Life Facilitator and would like to be added to the contact list to chat and share ideas? Just email : with your contact details so that other Activity Coordinators on the list can contact you and you can contact them to share information, ask for ideas or create local groups. We will also add you to our email list. If you are a freelance Activity Coordinator, we will add you to our Freelance List.

If you would like a catalogue, please email [above] your preferred postal address or phone direct: 07971-953620. Looking forward to hearing from you, Gillian.

Mandie Wardle:  Location: Heaton Chapel, Stockport  Email:

Sophie Brown:  Location: [awaiting location]  Email:

Rasuole Vore: I work full time as an activity coordinator. I am interested in dementia related information, contacts or activity coordinator tips. Please email me with any ideas we can share or discuss. Email:  Phone 07861519775