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Carers’ Centres …

Whilst tidying up my computer files, I came across a magazine article which I may have forgotten to share with you … but more importantly it reminded me of some requests that people often ask me. When I’m out and about, taking Dementia Workshop products to exhibitions, vintage fairs, health and care shows etc., people […]

Puppy days …

The benefits of owning a pet … Meet nine week old Lily, Coco, Jessie, Annie or Lola … ? Whilst the family continue to debate puppy’s name, the springer spaniel is getting to know her way around the house, finding things to have a chew at and barking at the cat. She’s been with us […]

Personal & Social Care Survey

Hello everyone, I’d like to share this survey information regarding personal and social care which I came across on Linkedin – Courtesy of Alan Majer, Toronto 11.10.2012: “I’d like to share some research that surprised me – caregivers claim that the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are less important when it comes to keeping an […]

Please take a drink with me…

A person who is living with dementia may not be able to tell you if they are too hot – hungry – light headed – tired or thirsty. If you are caring for someone with dementia, please try to make sure the person drinks plenty of fluids. Drinking water regularly and especially during these very […]

Welcome to Dementia Workshop

Welcome Dementia Workshop and to the first Dementia Workshop blog post. First I must introduce myself briefly; my name is Gillian Hesketh and I have developed a range of memory prompts and creative materials to help carers and families interact with our elders or someone who is living with dementia. After much study [more later], […]