Caring for someone living with dementia

If you’re caring for someone who is living with dementia, you may be on the receiving end of all kinds of behaviour. There are no specific stages with specific timings or specific behaviours. Everyone is different.

But if our loved ones become agitated, or unsettled, sometimes banging or glaring, they might just be trying to tell us something …

Be a detective:

Engage in eye contact for clues.

Look out for pointing or staring at a certain object – this may be an indication that the person wants to show you something specific.

Banging may be a sign of frustration at trying to explain personal needs or wants.

Wandering might be a sign of boredom – Try to remember the person’s interests from younger days. Ask family and friends for input.

Keep the person engaged in daily living – encourage participation where possible – rather than doing tasks for the person.

Research has shown that music can help a person remember past events – and often the song lyrics too!

Flowers, shoe polish, bacon frying, the seaside – all sorts of smells, aromas and fragrances can help people remember past experiences and bring about stories to share.

Colouring-in is a relaxing and rewarding pastime [see Colouring-in for Mature Adults at the Dementia Workshop shop]

email me for list of tips – things to do together – body language and more:

… and remember … don’t forget you – you are important too.