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Activity Waist Apron Dust & Go

Activity Apron – Dust & Go

Activity Apron – Dust & Go is ideal for helping people maintain everyday living skills. Especially for people who are living with dementia and like to be active, the elasticated duster and soft scourer will allow a person to engage actively without losing the tactile materials. Made from high quality washable materials, the apron includes […]

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NACC Virtual Seminar

Ideal for all care services for elderly and people living with dementia – NACC – National Association of Care Caterers invite you to join this virtual seminar: Innovations in person centred reminiscence & life history. The compelling agenda is packed full of passionate and inspirational speakers who will give you the knowledge and resources […]

Murals Wall Art Dementia Workshop

Murals Can Make a Difference … Relax or Uplift Mood …

Murals Can Make a Difference … At Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design, we understand that calming, relaxing and uplifting living areas are just as important in residential dementia care as nostalgic environments. That’s why this gorgeous mural with Blossoming Cherry Trees is ideal for cheering up corridors, brightening lounges and putting a smile on […]