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Dementia Activities Catalogue by Happy Days Dementia Workshop

Care Homes – Home Care – Hospitals – Dementia Cafes … We have something for you …

If you are a: Residential Care Home Dementia Care Home Hospital  Community Centre / Hub Rehabilitation Centre Dementia Cafe / Drop in Centre … we have all sorts of nostalgic games, conversation prompts, activities, jigsaw puzzles and more to get those tongues wagging and keep those fingers busy. Just take a tour around the website […]

Activity Trolley for Care Homes Dementia

For Residential Homes – How to Support Your Activity Coordinators by Gillian Hesketh MA

Calling All Care & Dementia Home Groups, Managers and Regional Support Teams: How To Help & Support Your Activity Coordinators  –  by Happy Days Dementia Activities & Design On behalf of Activity Coordinators and Life Style Facilitators, I would like to say to care home groups, managers and regional support teams simply this: ‘Please consider […]