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Eating and Dementia

People living with dementia often lose their appetite or may even forget to eat. Encouraging people to eat can become a difficult task for a relative or carer. That’s why Happy Days has created a collection of attractive prompts in nostalgic containers to help meaningful conversations around food and meal choices. Rather than saying ‘lunch […]

Choosing the right story …

When I deliver training workshops for carers, I usually talk about how it’s sometimes the simplest of activities which can entertain a person who is living with dementia. Reading a children’s story is just one of the suggestions. Carefully chosen for the reminiscence value, residents or people you care for may enjoy interacting with books […]

Top Hits of the Decade ~ 1950’s

Hello everyone, I’ve been organising some Music Themed Memory Rummage Baskets for a residential care home group who are constantly enriching social care for their residents. Amongst the memorabilia, postcards, photographs and conversation prompts, I have included Top Hits of the Decade ~ 1950’s [obviously colour coordinated and neatly positioned in the pack. So, for […]

Wall Dressers ~ complete with nostalgic artefacts

Especially designed for Residential Enriched Social Care ~ Enriching social care can be just as important as assisting with daily living activities. Being surrounded with nostalgic artefacts can sometimes help to stimulate thoughts and prompt memories. When memories turn into stories, it is a sign that we are enriching social care successfully. Re-dressed dressers complete […]