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Top Tip Number 2 for Carers, Care Teams, Families

We all know it’s important for everyone to eat healthily, exercise regularly, get fresh air, good sleep and keep in touch with family and friends for an all round sense of wellbeing. In care settings, residential homes, community groups, and dementia cafes and care, we are conscious about helping people stay engaged, maintain everyday skills […]

Uk's Favourite 1960s Reminiscence Box or Suitcase

Best Reminiscence Boxes for Dementia – Largest Choice In The UK

At Happy Days Dementia Workshop, we create a range of themed Reminiscence Boxes. It’s not my natural behaviour, but I’m even happy to brag about it. We’ve been creating reminiscence resources and activities for some time and try to suit as many interests as possible. Our nostalgic materials are posted out regularly across the UK, […]

Vintage Magazines

Vintage Magazine Pack – 6 Original Classic Magazines

Vintage Magazine Pack – 6 Original Classic Magazines Is anything more evocative than original magazines? Ideal for care home reminiscence activities, these great value, vintage magazine packs are hugely popular. Each pack contains a mix of publications, including: 2x female, 2x male and 2x general interest titles, chosen at random from across the decades from […]