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Looking Back Whilst Enjoying the Present – Themed Rooms

by Gillian Hesketh MA MD Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Nostalgic Design There may be some controversy regarding themed rooms in residential and dementia care environments. Like Marmite, they’re not for everyone but Gillian Hesketh, MD of Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Nostalgic Design has seen how nostalgic settings can benefit social well-being. She now […]

It’s Not All About Signage – For Care and Dementia Homes

I’ve got to admit, when I’m creating meaningful environments in residential and dementia care homes, I often get lost. Not just in the project, but literally, in the corridors. Some corridors seem to travel round corners and link back onto themselves – Some have a number of short avenues leading off them, all looking quite similar. […]

Happy Days Dementia Workshop at Chic Emporium Display

Happy Days at Chic Emporium

We’re happy to announce that Happy Days Dementia Workshop now has a place open to the general public at Chic Emporium – Horrockses PR30UH. So if you’re anywhere near Lancashire and going out for a drive … call in, browse and enjoy the Emporium. We have memory joggers, nostalgic and large piece jigsaw puzzles, crossword […]