Wish You Were Here – Address for Postcards

Hello everyone, Thanks for calling by. If you’re about to send us a postcard to share with elderly and people living with dementia, here’s the address: Happy Days Dementia Workshop 2 The Illawalla Little Thornton FY5 5LG Thank you – Happy Days Dementia Workshop  has volunteered to collate, pack into clear wallets and despatch the […]

Hear about the 1920s, the Charlston and more at www,dementiaworkshop.co.uk

Around the 1920s – The Roaring Twenties – The Charleston, Black Bottom and more …

I’m quite happy to brag about my recent work. Being asked by one of, or maybe even the largest supplier of education materials to our schools, to create interactive history resources for our classrooms has been a very proud moment for me. To be honest, it’s been more than a moment. Researching, checking, double checking […]