Charity Chic

I’m very happy to announce that Blackpool Carers Centre have embraced Happy Days Memory Prompts, Themed Memory Boxes, Activities, Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles and more ~ all on display and sale at Charity Chic, Victoria Road Cleveleys. Open 7 days a week ~ so take a ride out to Cleveleys promenade and a short stroll […]

Are you a carer?

Are you or do you know a carer in residential, dementia, assisted or domiciliary care? Happy Days is passionate about helping carers working in residential, dementia, assisted or domiciliary care to provide enriched care. We often hear that carers are overworked and underpaid, so how can we expect carers to take on the added pressure […]

Memory Joggers ~ a passport and family legacy …

Why not treat someone you love and care for? Happy Days Memory Joggers are designed for our elders, people who need extra care or living with dementia. Prompting memory can help a person share interesting recollections about their past. Visiting elderly grandparents, relatives or friends with dementia can be more meaningful when there is something […]

Carers’ Centres …

Whilst tidying up my computer files, I came across a magazine article which I may have forgotten to share with you … but more importantly it reminded me of some requests that people often ask me. When I’m out and about, taking Dementia Workshop products to exhibitions, vintage fairs, health and care shows etc., people […]