Creating Memories ~ Memorabilia Wall Art ~ Coming very soon …

Good morning everyone, Just to let you know that Happy Days Memory Wall Art © will be available to purchase via the Dementia Workshop One-Stop Shop very soon. Themed memorabilia collections created into artistic wall display pieces are now available to order  [details below]. Ideal for Residential care homes ~ Day centres ~ Hospitals ~ […]

Real Life Learning – Booklets for Person-Centred Everyday Care – Tips and Reminders

During my hours, days, weeks, months networking, exhibiting and researching for Happy Days Dementia Workshop, I came across two ladies, Sharon Lee Cuthbert and Alison Clare who are passionate about enriched everyday care. In an easy-read booklet, putting person-centred care into practise is just one of the topics on which they share thoughts, ideas and tips. […]

Activities for people with Dementia …

When talking about sharing or encouraging activities with elderly people or people who are living with dementia, an activity doesn’t have to be as energetic as a Welly Throwing competition, a Flower Arranging class or complex celebration Card Making extravaganza [although it very well could be depending on your participants]. An activity can be something […]

Simple Music Player for people with dementia

“Music and Dementia – What’s the big deal?” Browsing the internet for new ways to let you know about Dementia Workshop’s unique materials to help stimulate people who are living with dementia and help carers and families enjoy enriched social activity, I came across Lyndon Owen, MD of E2L who has been developing a ‘Simple […]