Activities for people with Dementia …

When talking about sharing or encouraging activities with elderly people or people who are living with dementia, an activity doesn’t have to be as energetic as a Welly Throwing competition, a Flower Arranging class or complex celebration Card Making extravaganza [although it very well could be depending on your participants]. An activity can be something […]

Simple Music Player for people with dementia

“Music and Dementia – What’s the big deal?” Browsing the internet for new ways to let you know about Dementia Workshop’s unique materials to help stimulate people who are living with dementia and help carers and families enjoy enriched social activity, I came across Lyndon Owen, MD of E2L who has been developing a ‘Simple […]

In the press ~ Mother and Daughter

In the press same weekend: Mum talking about G8 Dementia summit @blackpoolgazette and Daughter @OnRepeatRecords in Sunday Times Style Mag … Sometimes, when my daughter and I make plans to meet up during a rushed conversation where one of us is usually in a hurry for a meeting and the other is usually flying off […]

G8 update :~

Just thought I’d share a short article I wrote for our local newspaper, the Blackpool Gazette: G8 Dementia Summit overview: Dementia has been making headline news at last. As a Dementia Friends Champion, I’ve been following the G8 Dementia Summit which took place in London earlier this week and saw nations of the world pledging […]

Residential Care Kit for Carers …

Here at Happy Days, we want to make to process of choosing the right product for your residential care or dementia home service as quick and simple as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a cost effective package to save you and your carers valuable time searching for individual products. Prompting conversation, interaction and activity […]